All kids love the weather!  Join Tara and her mom, dad and brother as they explain the power of meteorology.   Readers will learn about cloud formations, weather conditions, and weather instruments.  This Ebook is designed for remote learning or home schooling and contains over 10 pages of  activities including a weather chart, coloring pages,  weather instrument chart, and word search.  Teachers can use the comprehensive project page and added test for additional learning and research.    Appeals to ages 4  - 9. 


Author, Louisa Mastromarino. 

Illustrators, Pavlov Luchkov and Valeria Boreseko


Unauthorized duplication of this work is prohibited. 

(c) 2020, Library of Congress.  All Rights Reserved.

I Am a Meteorologist EBOOK


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    ©2020 Louisa Mastromarino.  All Rights Reserved.