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The Full Story

About Cycle Molly

Cycle Molly is an Irish Setter who loves Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  She lives right next to the Betsy Ross house and loves to speak to Betsy when she travels with the Cycle Pups back in time.   Molly is always upgrading her bike and sharing her bicycle safety wisdom with her Cycle Pups friends.  Catch her reading books about American history and teaching at her local pet food store!


Wise Facts About
Irish Setters

The Irish Setter is a beautiful dog with an enriched red coat that needs lots of care.  The Irish Setter is friendly, loving, and compassionate.  Many presidents including Franklin D. Roosevelt owned an Irish Setter.  Irish Setters also love hunting and being outdoors.  



Cycle Molly loves to travel and recommends that families travel when they can around the world in safe times.  Traveling enriches the spirit and inspires us to write, create and explore more landmarks.  Visit Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where Cycle Molly lives and you will always learn more about Philadelphia's best landmarks. 

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