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The Full Story

About Cycle Lucy

Cycle Lucy is a Dalmatian with sixteen hundred dots on her body.  She loves to sing, dance, and enjoys the sunshine and outdoors.  She is always training in bicycle safety and loves to fix bicycles in her spare time.   She spends time with her Cycle Pup friends and always promotes peace and love. 


Wise Facts about

The origins of the Dalmatian is a mystery.  No one knows exactly where the Dalmatian originated, although the breed is very old.  The Dalmatian has spots everywhere, even in their mouth.  Dalmatians are very intelligent, strong, and love to take long walks. Never pet any dog unless you have permission.  



"Love yourself all of the time, " says Cycle Lucy.   Self-love is key to creating a happy life.  Cycle Lucy encourages everyone to be unique and friendly.    Teach everyone to love themselves and you will always create joy and peace in your life. 

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