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About Cycle Peter

Cycle Peter is a Doberman and loves to ride his max cycle bike with his Cycle Pups friends.  He loved his visit to New York City's Empire State Building and even dreamed of being an architect.  Cycle Peter loves to travel and has many friends all over the world.  Look for him on his favorite holidays, July 4 and Memorial Day, riding into the sun and teaching bicycle safety every day.  

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Wise Facts

According to a study carried out by canine psychologist Stanley Coren, Dobermans are the fifth smartest dog. Dobermans respond very well to socialization training.  Dobermans love to exercise and stay and play in the sunshine catching toys and running in the fields. Never pet any dog unless you have permission.  

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Be a peacemaker like Cycle Peter.  Cycle Peter says, "Work diligently every day in school and love the work. A trained mind is a tool to do good on the earth and create peace on the planet every single day."

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