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The Full Story

About Spifford Max

Spifford Max, the leader of the Cycle Pups, is a Golden Retriever who loves to ride his max cycle to school and other outings.  Golden Retrievers are diligent service dogs who are affectionate and compassionate.  Spifford loves to travel and loves to teach his friends about history.  Spifford was born in Scotland and rides all over the world.  On good days he time travels with his friends to visit historical figures like George Washington and Betsy Ross.  

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Wise Facts about 
Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers make kind therapy dogs.  A therapy dog helps others who may be handicapped or need a good friend.  Golden Retrievers also love to play fetch and are good at sporting and hunting.

Never pet any dog unless you have permission.  


Learn to be a good leader like Spifford Max!  Spifford loves when his friends practice bicycle safety.  He also loves when his friends teach bicycle safety to other kids!  Being a leader like Spifford means keeping the peace, loving yourself, and getting great grades in school!

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